Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite is the industry’s first modern data integration platform, purpose-built for Big Data, hybrid data systems, and the cloud. The Modern DI Suite turns Hadoop environments into information hubs, and can be deployed quickly to any existing architecture. Once installed, the Modern Data Integration Suite provides new integration capabilities for Big Data platforms like Hadoop, and modernizes data warehouse to handle future challenges.

design once

A unified design studio with native functions DESIGN for maximum performance and lower resource requirements

fast roi

Agent-based, point-to-point integrations ACCELERATE the transformation and movement of all data


A design-once, multiple use architecture ADAPT quickly for changes in data, platform, or business

reuse configurations


The Modern DI Suite’s Studio brings you the highest level of configuration reuse possible in the modern data world. The Studio’s user interface makes designing configurations easy, powerful, and reusable. Utlizing the Studio allows organizations to:

  • Define business logic and design data provisioning
  • Reuse the business and data logic as many times as needed
  • Automate the capture of definitions from source systems
  • Choose from Diyotta’s extensive library of native platform functions


Watch how Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite can save time, cut cost, and improve efficiencies for Big Data projects, data warehouse modernizations, and hybrid data ecosystems.

move data quickly


What does it take to accelerate the time it takes to get from data extraction to analytics? Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite helps you fully prepare and move your data in hours instead of months

  • Automate processes and reuse previous work in an intelligent design studio
  • Take the processing to where the data lives with an agent based architecture
  • Move the least amount of data at the right time with point-to-point data movement

What does that mean for you and your move to modern data integration?

  • Immediate results from every modernization effort
  • No more long waits from ETL bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Prompt answers to questions about the data and the business

Diyotta’s Pricing Philosophy

The frustration arising from working with traditional data integration technologies and having to maintain custom coded scripts in big data environments was the inspiration for Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite. Our technology was built by data integration experts with extensive experience working with many existing data integration software packages and dealing with their complex pricing models. We believe that pricing for data integration technology should NOT be complex or per:

    • User…that approach is appropriate for Business Intelligence technologies,      

    • Core, Node or CPU speed…that’s for hardware and data storage platforms, or

    • Connectors to access or land data…pervasive connectors should be included

Our approach to data integration is unique and so is our pricing model. The annual subscription for Diyotta’s MDI Suite is based upon:

    1. Components (Controller, Agent and Platform) and

    2. Environments (Production and Non-production)    

Starting at $5,000* per month, unlimited number of individuals within your organization can experience the orchestration and automation capabilities of Diyotta’s MDI Suite for moving and integrating big data.


*Reduced subscriptions are available for organizations with revenue/funding less than $50 million/year.


Everything in the Modern Data Integration Suite is created to help you respond quickly and adapt your environment to meet changing business and technical demands.

  • Make quick changes by adjusting your design and redeploying at business speed
  • Bring in new data or analytics support to support business decisions
  • Reuse entire design schemas to new platforms to get incremental value out of migrations
  • Propel the entire data supply chain and provision data at record speed

Your Data, Your Environment, Our Technology

The best way to evaluate Diyotta is to experience it yourself. Since every implementation is unique, our proof of concept is customized for your environment. Click here to make a request. We will get in touch with you shortly to arrange the PoC.