Accelerate Time-to-Value

A modern data integration solution with fewer moving parts.
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With Diyotta, Harnessing Big Data Just Got Simpler

Enterprises are leveraging Diyotta to transform big data into powerful business solutions.

  • Ingesting billions of records in
    Hadoop for fraud detection.

  • Enabling big data analytics,
    accelerating implementation

  • Reducing latency for business users
    from weeks to hours.

Benefits of Diyotta

  • Accelerate Time-to-Value
    Quicker response to business needs.
    Cut deployment time by 60%.


  • Significantly Reduce TCO
    Lower implementation costs.
    Build sustainable solutions in-house.


  • Centralized Metadata Repository
    Responds intelligently to changes.
    Complete transparency for compliance.



Next-Generation Data Integration Solution

Accelerate your data modernization with Diyotta

With complete big data integration solutions for modern data integration, what would have taken months, you can expect to complete in just weeks.