Unmatched Enterprise Data
Standards With Speed & Agility

Diyotta generates immediate and long-term value
from your Hadoop investment.




Diyotta Works on All Hadoop Distribution

A certified solution, purpose-built for Big Data to accelerate time-to-value.
Diyotta maximizes your return on investment (ROI) on Hadoop.
Transform Hadoop into a powerful hub instantly.

A unified metadata-driven solution to manage data integration on the Hortonworks data platform and traditional data warehouse platforms.

A unique design approach for defining data transformation and integration processes, leveraging Hadoop by offering a seamless choice between Hive and Impala.

An innovative unified architecture purpose-built for seamless big data integration, leveraging the core components of the MapR architecture, including MapR, Drill and Spark.

With the in-memory technology from Spark and the scale-out capabilities from Hadoop, Diyotta delivers big data Integration solutions on Splice Machine RDBMS for high performance.

Diyotta leverages GPFS and BigSQL – the core components in IBM BigInsights architecture for enterprise-class file management and in-Hadoop SQL processing.

Diyotta natively integrates with the Pivotal Big Data Suite on ODPi, comprising of proven scale-out databases, including: Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal HDB.




Diyotta Nurtures Speed, Agility and Rapid Value Creation on Hadoop

Manages all business rules to make changes and expansion effortless. Maximize data investments and optimize performance.

  • No limits for future expansion and yotta-bytes of data, to maximize data investments.
  • Brings enterprise data standards to big data analytics and the cloud.
  • Abstracts away the complexity of integration for all data.




Data Integration Is 70% of Every Big Data Project

We know that enterprises struggle bringing old-world standards to new world data and all big data value creation depends on standards and accuracy. We combine the value of data standards with new data investments, and accelerate time-to-value supporting speed, agility and rapid value creation.




Data Ingestion for Hadoop

You need a modern data integration solution to ingest data from various legacy, operational and modern source systems which could be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Diyotta’s purpose-built data integration solution for Hadoop can help you provide a robust data integration framework for your modern data architecture. With Diyotta Data Integration Suite, you can easily scale out data processing on-premise or in the cloud, and ingest data sets rapidly using the wizards without any deep knowledge on Hadoop.




Data Transformation and Processing on Hadoop

Through our Design Studio, developers can accelerate the implementation of the data logic, natively in Hadoop, and deliver immediate value to the business. Diyotta provides native library of all SQL functions supported by the native Hadoop distribution like Hive, Impala etc. You can perform complex SQL processing very simply using the Hadoop-native SQL and offload any business logic from ETL into Hadoop, to scale-out data warehouse modernization without learning Pig, Python or Java.




Data Provisioning and Delivery on Hadoop

It is very important to connect your data to people who can derive actionable insights, and to the applications that can further analyze it turning it into decision making information. With Diyotta you can provision data from Hadoop to highly distributed user populations and downstream applications, with its powerful yet intuitive modern GUI. Diyotta Data Integration Suite includes an easy-to-use Data Movement Wizard loaded with features, but simple enough for business users to harness big data quickly and efficiently.