Leveraging Enterprise Data Hub
With Diyotta & Cloudera

Diyotta introduces a revolutionary architecture for big data integration on Cloudera.



Diyotta is certified on Cloudera

Maximize the benefits of the Enterprise Data Hub architecture with Cloudera and Diyotta through our revolutionary architecture for big data integration.

The Solution Features of Diyotta for Pivotal HD

Maximize ROI on Cloudera Hadoop

Leverage Hadoop for ETL Offload

Get Data to Users Quickly

Reduce Costs

Seamless integration



Diyotta-Cloudera Solution Architecture

Diyotta is architected for big data platforms such as Cloudera and provides a unified solution to manage all data integration challenges.

  • Ingest, transform and provision data on EDH.
  • Leverage Impala/Hive for native processing on Cloudera.
  • Choose between execution engines like MapReduce or Spark.



Diyotta and Cloudera deliver a fast and simple
data integration solution


The Diyotta solution maximizes the ROI on your Cloudera investment and reduces ETL costs,
making it easy to develop and maintain big data integration for Enterprise Data Hub (EDH).