Data Integration With Hortonworks

Make Hortonworks an integral part of your big data ecosystem.


Diyotta is certified on Hortonworks

Diyotta and Hortonworks bring together an enterprise solution for modern data architecture.

  • No Intermediate Platforms
  • Reduce Costs Significantly
  • Limitless Scalability



From source to target, and data to information; Diyotta and Hortonworks intelligently orchestrate
the complete solution for modern-day big data architecture to solve your most pressing business challenges.


Diyotta – Hortonworks Solution

Big data integration is no longer a bottleneck.

The Diyotta Integration Suite is purpose-built to move data flawlessly from various source systems to the Hadoop platform. Whether you
use Hadoop, MPP or both; it flawlessly manages data extraction with
unmatched stability and ease.


Unifying Big Data Integration

Diyotta and Hortonworks together enable organizations across all industries to modernize their data architecture
with our unified metadata-driven solution on Hortonworks data platform and existing data warehouse platforms.