Think Inside the Box

Maximize your MPP investment with 100% pushdown architecture from Diyotta. Achieve the highest level of performance with native execution, and eliminate intermediate integration servers.

  • Powerful
    Complete ELT solution with
    100% SQL pushdown
  • Fast
    No intermediate data
    integration platforms
  • Simple
    Intuitive, graphical, collaborative
    & metadata-driven
  • A unique and agile design approach with ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) architecture, to design data integration processes
  • Diyotta ensures the highest level of performance for the execution of data transformation processes.
  • Purpose built for MPP-based data warehouses like Teradata, IBM Pure Data for Analytics (Netezza) and Greenplum.

Diyotta is certified on

  • Highly Optimized In-database Processing for ELT workloads

    Diyotta leverages the massively parallel processing power of these analytical data warehouse platforms and exposes the native function libraries through the UI. As Diyotta only orchestrates the instructions at run time, the data moves in a frictionless manner ensuring maximum performance.

  • Seamlessly Augment Traditional Data Warehouse with Hadoop

    Hadoop has become a part of our data ecosystem and it has to live within the existing enterprise environment. As a result, some of the greatest challenges involve moving data into and out of Hadoop. Diyotta integrates data with heterogeneous environments including Hadoop to provide a unified data integration solution.

  • Maximize Existing Investment & Reduce Overall Costs

    Technology may be changing, but the requirements are not. Design your data movement, blending and transformation with complete transparency and maximum reusability. Accelerate time-to-value for data analysis initiatives and adapt your environments to meet the ever changing business and technical demands


Maximize your MPP investment with Diyotta

Eliminate the need for intermediate integration platforms that sit between a source and target systems.
Develop an ability to move data as fast as an infrastructure allows. Take advantage of the powerful processing capabilities of the MPP system by performing in-database processing. Maximize the performance with the use of efficient set-based operations, reducing data latency from hours to minutes.