Ready, Set, Spark

Speed up the value of your big data ecosystem with Spark.



Diyotta is certified on Spark

Diyotta is the quickest, most enterprise-ready and best automated way towards value-creation in big data. With Diyotta, companies can get order-of-magnitude savings, while moving from Hadoop to Spark, or to any other processing platform.

   Zero Complexity

Accelerators & Guided Wizards

Build your Spark design instantly without any prior knowledge of the technology. Harness Spark’s power and speed right away.

   Zero Coding

Drag & Drop Intuitive GUI

No manual scripts or coding are required to build Spark native designs — simply drag and drop.

   Zero Compromise

Technology, Cost & Quality

Save time, effort and money towards the Spark migration process using our purpose-built solution — compatible with the Hive/Spark native functions.



Diyotta Removes the Complexity in Moving to Spark

Diyotta provides the fastest path to the full utilization of Spark’s speed and analytic prowess

  • First purpose-built, end-to-end, native Spark processing, ELT solution.
  • Leverage Spark natively for complex data integration processing.
  • Lower total cost of ownership with complete inter-
  • Move data seamlessly between Spark and other platforms.



Diyotta leverages the in-memory capabilities of Spark by generating native code to perform all the complex
processing – like heterogeneous joins, aggregations, etc.