ETL Modernization

Quickly turn your Big Data into valuable information with unified data integration.

Build a Modernized Data Movement & Integration Solution

ETL modernization helps businesses respond to new information needs faster. Organizations with traditional, complex data architectures struggle with adding new data sets and data types. In addition, traditional data architectures are far more costly to support and maintain than modern architectures. Diyotta enables ETL modernizations by providing organizations the ability to leverage existing investments in data infrastructure while adding new technologies such as Hadoop. Once deployed, Diyotta uses Hadoop as an enterprise data hub to reduce traditional enterprise data warehouse costs and improve performance. Diyotta can orchestrate data movements and integrations in parallel across multiple systems to deliver valuable business information quickly and efficiently.

Removes complexity through
automated code generation

Unlimited scalability
with high throughput

Data lineage for
complete transparency

ETL Offload Solution Architecture

Traditional extraction, transformation and load (ETL) processing is limited by its architecture and often becomes the bottleneck in modernization efforts. Diyotta replaces traditional ETL processing on a standalone integration server with the processing capabilities of Hadoop, MPP and NoSQL platforms by moving data point-to-point and utilizing the capabilities of the target platforms.

Analytics Solutions Provider Modernizes ETL With Diyotta

Health Lumen had over $100k in initial cost savings in just three weeks by implementing Diyotta to orchestrate data movements into Teradata, and were able to scale their architecture by using a modern ELT dataflow. Download the case study or watch the webinar to learn more.


Significantly lower implementation costs and Total Cost of Ownership


Comprehensive data lineage, monitoring and impact analysis


Automated code generation removes the complexity of the underlying platforms