Managing Data Integration on IBM Big Insights Just Got Easier

Discover how Diyotta helps you accelerate Big Data time-to-value using IBM BigInsights.

MDI Suite is Certified on IBM's BigInsights

Diyotta and IBM BigInsights bring together an enterprise solution for Big Data.
The Diyotta-IBM BigInsights solution gives you the ability to take advantage of the complimentaryarchitecture approach; making the logical data warehouse a reality by supporting theHadoop-based relational capability as a target-distributed computing platform.


Diyotta leverages IBM BIGSQL on Hadoop to summarize, query and analyze data that is stored in BigInsights.


Diyotta turns IBM BigInsights into a powerful data exploration zone by providing an end-to-end data integration solution.


Diyotta accelerates BigInsights deployment with its fast and powerful design interface.

Diyotta-IBM BigInsights
Enterprise Solution Architecture

Big Data integration is here to drive value.
  • Ingest data rapidly from any legacy or modern source system into IBM BigInsights.
  • Leverage IBM BigSQL on Hadoop to summarize, prepare and analyze data that is stored in BigInsights.
  • Unlimited scalability and unmatched performance with 100% push-down architecture.

Fast and Easy Data Ingestion on Hadoop

The Diyotta solution maximizes the ROI on your Cloudera investment and reduces ETL costs, making it easy to develop and maintain big data integration for Enterprise Data Hub (EDH).