Modern DI Suite is certified on MapR


An innovative, unified architecture, purpose-built for seamless Big Data integration, leveraging core components of the MapR architecture – including MapR-DB, Drill and Spark.

The Solutions Features of Diyotta – MapR


Diyotta-MapR for ETL/ELT Offloading

With Diyotta’s unique architecture, porting the existing ETL/ELT datacentric processes to Hadoop, via a combination of programming and HiveQL instructions, is extremely easy and highly optimized.


Extending Functionality For MapR

Diyotta isolates developers from creating scripts, programs for data extraction, or transformations by providing a simple-to-use and intuitive GUI. This lets you leverage MapR as the data transformation engine.


Unified Solution With MapR in Data Lake Architecture

Diyotta’s versatile capabilities let you work with multiple platforms in a seamless manner, providing a unified solution to manage all your Big Data integration of MapR with other repositories.


Diyotta-MapR Solution Architecture

Diyotta and MapR provide a disruptive combination for data integration and management on Hadoop

  • Large-scale, distributed computing platforms using Hadoop and data warehouse appliances on a unified data integration platform.
  • Delivering the highest level of performance possible for the execution of data transformation and validation.
  • Eliminating the intermediate ETL infrastructure, essentially reducing data latency.

Diyotta delivers seamless data integration with MapR without compromising on enterprise standards.

Purpose-Built for Big Data

Diyotta provides a unified data integration solution; which supports data lake architectures, ensuring optimal performance for extraction, loading and transformations.


The features like compression, parallel extraction, multi-threaded loads, native functions support and optimized SQL; are built based on the target platform guarantee, full flexibility and optimization.

Future-Proofed Architecture

Diyotta used a metadata-driven approach, which allows you to leverage new technologies just by changing the configuration parameters.