Modern DI Suite is certified on Splice Machine


Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite and Splice Machine bring together an enterprise solution with scale out RDBMS on Hadoop leveraging the in-memory capabilities of Spark. Our solution lets you leverage existing SQL talent and reduce the cost dramatically up to 4x.


No Intermediate Platforms


Diminishing Costs Significantly


Limitless Scalability

From source to target, and data to information, the MDI Suite and Splice Machine intelligently
orchestrate the complete solution for modern-day, Big Data architecture to solve your most
pressing business challenges.


Diyotta MDI Suite – Splice Machine Solution Architecture

Streamlining the Structured Data Pipeline in Hadoop with MDI Suite & Splice Machine

With the in-memory technology from Spark and the scale-out capabilities from Hadoop, the Modern DI Suite delivers Big Data Integration solutions on Splice Machine RDBMS for high performance. Diyotta and Splice Machine bring together an enterprise solution scaling out Hadoop Data Platform with powerful engines such as Spark without any rework or re-engineering effort.

The Modern DI Suite leverages the in-memory capabilities of Spark by generating native code to perform
all the complex processing – like heterogeneous joins, aggregations, etc.