Diyotta Using IBM Information Governance Catalog

Discover how Diyotta helps you accelerate Big Data time-to-value using IBM Solutions.

The Diyotta, IBM (IBM Big SQL with Hortonworks Data Platform) Solution

Take advantage of the complimentary architectural approach; making the logical data warehouse a reality by supporting a Hadoop-based relational capability as a target-distributed computing platform.


Diyotta leverages IBM Big SQL on Hadoop to summarize, query and analyze data that is stored in HDP.

End-to-End Solution

Diyotta turns HDP into a powerful data exploration zone by providing an end-to-end data integration solution.


Diyotta accelerates data lake deployment with its fast and powerful design interface.

Information Governance with Diyotta and IBM Information Governance Catalog

Information Governance is the specification to manage corporate assets using policies, procedures, processes and controls supporting regulatory, risk, legal and operational requirements. Diyotta is a modern data integration platform, automating transformation and movement of big data onto relational databases, Hadoop and NoSQL target systems. IBM Information Governance Catalog helps manage business and technical metadata, data lineage and provides a platform to establish a governance framework with policies and rules.
Historical data migration from On-Premise systems
Source data from SaaS applications
Perform transformations using Snowflake’s processing power (ELT on Snowflake)
Provision data from Snowflake for analytics or downstream applications
Orchestrate data movement and transformations across data flows

Watch the demo

  • Introduction to Diyotta 4.0
  • Creation of simple Extract, Load and Transform jobs
  • Orchestration of multiple jobs using Diyotta Streams
  • Management of Diyotta metadata using IBM Information Governance Catalog (IGC)
  • Management of business metadata using IBM IGC
  • Inspection of Data Lineage using IBM IGC for data transformed and loaded using Diyotta Studio.