MPP Integration



Utilize MPP’s full
processing potential

Fast deployment and roi

Move data point-to-point
with no intermediate platforms


Intuitive graphical interface
for ease of use

The Modern DI Suite is purpose built for MPP-based data warehouses such as Teradata, IBM Pure Data for Analytics (Netezza) and Greenplum. The MDI Suite offers a unique, agile and reusable design process to create optimized code that provides the highest level of performance for executing data transformations.


The MDI Suite is certified on

  • Hawq
  • Exadata
  • Greenplum
  • Teradata
  • Netezza
Highly Optimized In-database Processing for ELT workloads

The MDI Suite uses the power of MPP platforms by automatically generating native code from its graphical user interface and native functional libraries. The MDI Suite orchestrates point-to-point movement and utilizes target platforms for processing without the need for an intergration server.

hadoop mpp
Modernizing Traditional Data Warehouse with Hadoop

Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite provides organizations the ability to leverage existing MPP investments in data infrastructure while adding new technologies such as Hadoop. Once deployed, the Modern DI Suite uses Hadoop as an enterprise data hub to reduce traditional enterprise data warehouse costs and improve performance.

Maximize Existing Investments & Future-proof architectures

Technology is continuously evolving. Architectures need to adapt quickly to new platforms for changing business needs. Diyotta’s MDI Suite automatically generates native code based on target processing platforms and can easily change the native code to new target platforms.

Maximize your MPP investment with Diyotta

Eliminate the need for intermediate integration servers that sit between source and target systems. Develop an ability to move data at network speed: point-to-point. Take advantage of powerful processing capabilities provided by MPP platforms for in-database processing. Maximize performance with the use of efficient set-based operations and reduce data latency from hours to minutes.

Get Started

Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite makes Big Data easier to manage. Large organizations such as Sprint, Bank of Nova Scotia and Philip Morris International are utilizing Diyotta’s technology to transform Big Data into powerful business solutions. They are also experiencing faster response times, lower costs and data lineage for complete transparency. Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from Diyotta’s technology.