Break Free From Legacy Architectures & Maximize the ROI of Your Data Warehouse With Snowflake

As organizations modernize their information management infrastructure, the cost vs benefit of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) platforms like Netezza are being reevaluated. Today, organizations require consolidated and expanded data access and insights – something traditional architectures do not provide. To meet these needs, traditional data architectures must be replaced with a new, flexible, affordable, and scalable solutions. Snowflake offers a modern solution by seamlessly matching your scale, concurrency, and data storage needs in the cloud and maximizing your ROI on a data warehouse.

Remove complexity by creating Snowflake objects automatically
with compatible data types

Data sourced from anywhere on-premise or in
the cloud using Agents

Migrate ELT scripts
from Netezza
to Snowflake

Remove the Barriers Associated With Snowflake Modernization

The primary barriers to migrating from Netezza to Snowflake are the enormous level of manual effort and time required to convert the previously developed Netezza processes embedded in the ELT Scripts, and the cost to do so. Likely to be in millions of dollars, the cost often outweighs any benefits of the migration. In addition, manually migrating to a Snowflake environment can be plagued from the lack of a standardized design approach and no visibility, in terms of technical metadata, due to manual scripts that are developed. Consequently, the result is often mediocre quality outputs and project delays. Diyotta’s automated approach of migrating Netezza processes to Snowflake saves significant time and cost, providing completely transparent processes critical to the data governance process. This technology solution brief is focused on Diyotta’s migration approach for existing ELT SQL Scripts on Netezza to Snowflake.


Significantly lower time-to-value and implementation costs


Heterogeneous connectivity to legacy, standard and modern sources


True ELT functionality on Snowflake with native functions support

Approach & Solution

Diyotta has a Migration Accelerator Package which contains utilities to migrate data structures and transformation processes within the previously developed Netezza scripts. Diyotta’s approach to re-platforming to Snowflake involves the below three step processes:

  • Replicate Data Structures
  • Convert MPP Scripts to Diyotta Designs
  • Reconcile Snowflake to Netezza Platform

Get Started

Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite makes Big Data easier to manage. Large organizations such as Sprint, Bank of Nova Scotia and Philip Morris International are utilizing Diyotta’s technology to transform Big Data into powerful business solutions. They are also experiencing faster response times, lower costs and data lineage for complete transparency. Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from Diyotta’s technology.