Ready, Set, Spark ETL

Speed up the value of your Big Data ecosystem with Spark.

Certified on Spark ETL

Diyotta is the quickest and most enterprise-ready solution that automatically generates native code to utilize Spark’s in-memory processing capabilities. Diyotta saves organizations implementation costs when moving from Hadoop to Spark or to any other processing platform.

Zero Complexity

Build your Spark design instantly without any prior knowledge of the technology. Harness Spark’s power and speed right away.

Zero Coding

No manual scripts or coding are required to build Spark native designs —
simply drag and drop.

Zero Compromise

Save time, effort and money towards the Spark migration process using our purpose-built solution — compatible with the Hive/Spark native functions.

Remove the Complexity in Moving to Spark

Diyotta provides the fastest path to fully utilizing Spark’s speed and analytic capabilities.

First purpose-built, end-to-end native Spark processing ELT solution

Exploit Spark natively for complex data integration processing

Lower implementation costs and Total Cost of Ownership

Move data point-to-point between Spark and other platforms

Employ the In-Memory Capabilities of Spark

Diyotta generates native Spark code that uses the in-memory capabilities to perform all the complex processing – like heterogeneous joins, aggregations, etc.