Built to Handle the
Entire Datasphere

Unified data integration is the key to connecting
all the dots in driving fact-based decisions.

Diyotta comes pre-configured and ready-to-deploy as a data integration suite with all the necessary components to ease-up and speed-up deployment. Data is everywhere and Diyotta is purpose-built to maximize value on available big data streams.

  • Supports multiple platforms:
    Cloudera, BigInsights, Hortonworks,
    Netezza, Teradata. Pivotal,
    Vertica, Paraccel etc.

  • Incorporates and configures
    multiple source and target
    systems; creates and manages
    users, roles and security within.

  • Diyotta uses frictionless
    agents on source or target
    systems to move data
    point to point.

Unified Data Integration

  • Unified interface to handle data ingestion processes across Traditional and Big Data platforms
  • Unified approach to leverage Hadoop Or MPP platforms as transformation engine
  • Seamless data integration across big data platforms
  • Leverages native functions for transformations
  • Native bulk extraction and load approach for optimal performance



Technical Differentiation

Why Diyotta is the best choice for Big Data Integration?

Our Technology Benefits

The Diyotta Data Integration Suite is purpose-built on a standardized architecture, with unified development, and metadata to manage data integration across multiple big data platforms. Diyotta incorporates a pure ELT approach to effectively leverage your big data platform infrastructure as the data transformation engine. Diyotta eliminates the need for stand-alone ETL servers, instead it fully leverages the inherent power of parallel processing data engines. This provides the fastest movement of data in your environment, the highest performance in executing data transformations, and the lowest data latency possible.