Unified Approach to Data Integration


Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite comes ready-to-deploy with all the necessary components for fast and easy deployments. With the rise in data volume and variety, the Modern Data Integration Suite is purpose-built to integrate Big Data.

multiple platform support

Supports multiple platforms: Hortonworks, Teradata, BigInsights, Cloudera, MapR, Netezza, Pivotal and more.


Connect and access multiple source and target systems. Manage users, roles and security levels.

move data

The MDI Suite uses agents to move data from source to target systems securely and efficiently.

unified data diyotta platform

Unified Approach to Data Integration

  • Manage data ingestion centrally across traditional and Big Data platforms
  • Utilize Hadoop, MPP or NoSQL platforms as transformation engines
  • Design data flows across multiple Big Data platforms
  • Leverage native functions of processing target platforms for transformations
  • Use native extract and load approach for optimal performance
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Technical Differentiation

The MDI Suite is the best choice for Big Data movement and integration.

Specifically Designed for Big Data

Diyotta products are purpose-built to fully leverage the power and functionality of parallel processing platforms as the transformation engine. No intermediate platforms are required, enabling limitless scalability.

High Performance throughput

Diyotta products move data directly from sources to targets to prevent any bottlenecks from occuring. With point-to-point data movement, data is moved, transformed, and ready for analysis faster.

Architecture “Future-Proofing”

Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite supports the native functionality of many MPP and Hadoop platforms. When moving to new versions, it makes zero impact on Diyotta’s products, and only requires a minor upgrade process to ensure seamless operations.

Unified View of Data Integration

All transformation logic and control is centralized providing end-to-end data lineage and full impact analysis. Metaview and Monitor give a complete picture of the objects, attributes and flows along with operational logs and metrics.

Our Technology Benefits


The Modern Data Integration Suite is purpose-built on a standardized architecture, with unified development, and metadata to manage data integration across multiple Big Data platforms. Diyotta incorporates a pure ELT approach to effectively leverage Big Data infrastructures. Diyotta eliminates the need for stand-alone ETL servers in order to fully leverage the inherent power of parallel processing data engines. This approach provides the fastest movement of data in any environment, and offers the highest performance in executing data transformations with lowest data latency possible.

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Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite makes Big Data easier to manage. Large organizations such as Sprint, Bank of Nova Scotia and Philip Morris International are utilizing Diyotta’s technology to transform Big Data into powerful business solutions. They are also experiencing faster response times, lower costs and data lineage for complete transparency. Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from Diyotta’s technology.