The Future of Modern Data Integration

With an increase in the data source, new data types, increased number of data being generated, the data complexity has dramatically increased. In order to cater to the needs of the organisations to handle, monitor and manage such a huge amount of data, a robust system is indispensable. That’s where Modern Data Integration comes to the rescue with its extraction and transformation capabilities of loads of Data.

Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created everyday with 20 billion devices and sensors already connected to the Internet. An estimate says that 40% of all the data will touch the cloud in 2020. Therefore, in order to meet all these requirements and challenges, there are a plethora of advancements that still await for Modern Data Integration.

For organizations to wrangle modern data in order to have greater visibility into their operations, customers, markets, and competitors, and to create actionable insights in a timely manner just to stay relevant, the Modern Data Integration needs to possess capabilities such as:

  • A Near Zero Latency
  • Greater Optimization
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Future Adaptability
  • Enhanced Visibility