Data, Data, Everywhere

bytes of data are being created every day
of all enterprise data is unstructured or semi-structured
devices and sensors are already connected to the internet
of all data is generated from mobile devices
of all data will touch the cloud in 2020
of data flowing in a matrix

Imagine a World Where Data Flows Freely

Modern data is more complex and more distributed than anything we have encountered in the past. If we are going to take advantage of modern data, we must connect emerging data with modern data integration.

The Value of Modern Data Integration

The race is on. Data exploration is already beginning to yield big returns. The biggest returns will be for those who modernize quickly. Making the move to modern data integration speeds your data strategy in three ways:

  • Speed to Value
  • Speed to Change
  • Speed to Modernization

The Five Principles of Modern Data Integration

Take the processing to where the data lives.

Improve performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Fully leverage all platforms based on what they do well.

Get better leverage of your investment in platforms.

Move data point-to-point, at the right time.

Move less data and avoid single server and network bottlenecks.

Manage all of the business rules and data logic centrally.

Maximize reuse and drive both transparency and governance.

Make changes quickly using existing rules and logic.

Speed the time to value for all data and analytics projects.